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Sermon: The Blood-Bought Family of Christ: Meaningful Membership

Dave Zuleger

... love and serve is by membership. We sign a covenant together ...

Page: Constitution and Bylaws Revisions FAQ

by-laws, bylaws, constitution, faq

Page: Meeting

Sermon: Homecoming and Holiness

Jason Meyer

Sermon: Small Groups

Jason Meyer

Sermon: Reaching In

Aaron Davitch

Sermon: Stronger

Jason Meyer

... church attendance, (2) small group membership, and (3) giving of yourself ...

Sermon: Sending in a Manner Worthy of God

Jason Meyer

... children leftovers—his low-class, hand-me-down junk. God ... are no first and second class Christians in God’s ... a disciple through baptism and membership in the body: So those ...

Sermon: God’s Design for the Church, Part 2

Steven Lee

... of you to pursue church membership. Members at Bethlehem covenant to ... from pursuing baptism and church membership as an act of obedience ...

Sermon: Aspiring to Be a Healthy Church

Ken Currie

... months we will look at membership, leadership, sound doctrine, ministry, and ...

Sermon: Did Not Our Hearts Burn?

Steven Lee

... point to their past: baptism, membership, or profession of faith. But ...

Sermon: True Unity

Jason Meyer

... him or her out of membership, but not out of heaven ... not be kept out of membership, but out of eldership. Elders ...

Sermon: Gospel Perseverance and Affection

Ken Currie

... , purchases for us the rich membership in the body of Christ ...

Sermon: What Even Apostles Cannot Endure

Matthew Westerholm

... Campus church staff in a membership drive. Pastor Jared is not ...

Sermon: Blood-Bought Leaders: Meaningful Eldership

Dave Zuleger

... a couple reasons: 1) meaningful membership will flow from healthy eldership ...