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December 18, 2019

Highlights From the All-Church Annual Meeting (December 15, 2019)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Meeting Highlights ...

  • Devotional from Pastor Jason Meyer
  • Membership Update
  • Motions to Reaffirm and Elect Church Leaders
  • 2019 Financial Update and Introduction of 2020 Budget
  • “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25” Updates


Pastor Jason Meyer reflected on Isaiah 9:6: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” He encouraged the assembly to look to Christ for wisdom and peace, for he is the Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace whose reign will never end (Isaiah 9:7).

He also reflected on Isaiah 37:32, “For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this,”and he reminded those gathered that Jesus came to be our salvation through cleansing us from sins. He encouraged us to remember these benefits of our Lord this Christmas season and every time we gather for member meetings.

Membership Update

The minutes were corrected to show that only 92 (vs. 93) members were removed at the October All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting, so membership stood at 2,703 (vs. 2,702) by the end of the meeting.

Motions to Reaffirm and Elect Church Leaders

The congregation voted to reaffirm or elect the following church leaders to another term of service at Bethlehem.

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Staff Elders for another three-year term:

  • Steven Lee
  • Bryan Pickering
  • Chuck Steddom
  • Ming-Jinn Tong
  • Daniel Viezbicke

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Non-Staff Elders for another three year term:

  • Kurt Elting-Ballard
  • Terry Kurschner
  • Bill Zwicky

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Deacons for another three-year term:

  • Joe Krekelberg
  • Joby Morgan
  • Thayne Rossiter

Motion carried to elect the following members to administrative positions for a one-year term:

  • Steve Walmsley—Financial Secretary
  • Tim Brinkmann—Treasurer
  • Bobby Ratliff—Church Clerk

2019 Financial Update and Presentation of 2020 Budget

Pastor Jon Grano gave the 2019 Financial Update, highlighting thankfulness for God’s faithfulness to provide for Bethlehem’s Fill These Cities 25 x ’25 vision. He also called the members to recognize the significant end-of-the-year financial need by giving generously and asking God for help. Financial updates are available each week in Bethlehem’s Weekly e-newsletter.

Jon also presented an overview of the elder-proposed 2020 Operating Budget of $10.4M. The members will vote on the proposed 2020 budget at the Winter All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting on January 26, 2020.

‘Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25’ Updates

Church Planting
Pastor Kenny Stokes shared an update on church planting initiatives at Bethlehem. He highlighted the following:

25 x ’25 Update: 2019 Church Plants Highlighted

  • Grace Upon Grace Church—Weston, FL
  • Ekklesia—Eau Claire, WI
  • Echo Church—Chino, CA

Vision Casting and Training

  • Connecting Meals with seminary students and wives
  • Table Talk with seminary students
  • Church Planting & Revitalization Class (for Bethlehem seminary students each January)
  • Eternal Joy Conference in Memphis, TN (TCTNetwork)

Preparation for Future Church Plants

  • Tom Boyer, North Campus Church Planting Resident—planting in White Bear Lake, MN
  • Andrew Sheard, Downtown Church Planting Resident—planting in Henniker, NH

Bethlehem Parent Church Support

  • Financial: Typically $40K total over three years
  • Oversight: coaching care and crisis intervention (25 plants since 2003; nine since 2015)
  • TCTNetwork: support, care, crisis intervention, and planting partnerships.

TCTN Pastors and Wives Retreat—October 2019

  • 90 Attendees
  • 29 churches in the network (21 planted by Bethlehem)
  • 20 of 29 churches represented at the retreat

Strengthening the Core
Pastor Jason Meyer highlighted the recent distribution of the “20/20 Vision & FAQ” document from the council of elders and he encouraged the assembly to pray for ...

  • The coming decision to transition to live, campus-specific preaching at each campus.
  • The upcoming Acts sermon series that will focus on what the church is in the New Testament.


Thanks to Church Clerk Benjamin Holvey for his assistance in preparing this update.