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Living in a fallen and broken world is broken world is hard. We all suffer with the effects of our own sin and the sins committed against us. But thankfully, we are not alone. We have help and hope because of Jesus and what he accomplished for us.

At Bethlehem, we have access to a network of biblical and professional counselors who are equipped and ready to address life’s challenges by walking with you, opening up the Scripture, and pointing you to Jesus.

They provide biblical counseling for a range of struggles including (but not limited to) marital difficulties, depression, anxiety, broken relationships, purity, guilt, and shame.

We are happy to connect you with a trusted area counselor while also considering ways the church can support and care for you.

Receiving Referrals and Care Resources
We want to connect the Bethlehem church family with the best resources. If you’d like to request counseling resources, please complete our Counseling Resource Request Form.  Your information will be handled confidentially and you will receive a personal response within 2-3 business days.

Counseling Resource Request Form



Kïrsten Christianson
Ministerial Coordinator for Care & Counseling