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Worship & Music

We aim to employ a variety of musical forms and expressions from both the past and the present. For more on our vision, read our Philosophy of Worship and learn about What Unites Us in Worship.

Worship Teams

Worship teams help lead our congregation in corporate worship and are composed of piano, keyboard, bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, strings, and vocalists. We also occasionally feature solo instruments, such as French Horn or flute. We look for team members who delight in the Lord, humbly steward their musical talents, and encourage each other. If you are interested in serving with the Worship Ministry team, please contact us

Adult Choirs

The adult choir has the opportunity to sing in weekend services and for special events several times throughout the year. We welcome new choir members (ages 16 & above) at any time during the choir season.Learn more and sign up.

Youth Choirs

Youth choirs typically sing 2–5 times a year in worship services and for special events. During rehearsal times, children learn principles of biblical worship and the rudiments of music and singing.

Strings Ensemble

Small ensembles play 4–5 times throughout the year for special services. Players with at least a high school-level of playing ability are invited to audition. Contact Devin Schmidt for more information.


Devin Schmidt (612-338-7653 x492)
Ministry Assistant for Worship & Music