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June 20, 2019

Bethlehem College & Seminary Cameroon Extension Site on the Launching Pad

Tom Steller

Elder & Global Partner, Bethlehem Pastor for 40 Years

Last year at this time, we made Bethlehem aware that Bethlehem College & Seminary decided to establish an extension site in Yaounde, Cameroon, West Africa, under the leadership of Dr. Dieudonne Tamfu. We asked the church to help launch the library. Since then, 1,927 books safely arrived in Yaounde and have been catalogued. I want to thank everyone who donated books. This is the beginning of an excellent library to further the education of pastors and potential pastors.

Next week, Rick & Adrien Segal, Daniel & Ellen Kleven, and I will be joining the Tamfus in teaching the first course for the first cohort of our Yaounde extension site. This is a historic moment! The Tamfus moved to Cameroon 11 months ago. Five students have completed their applications for Bethlehem’s Master of Divinity program.

The purpose of this brief update is to ask you to pray ...

  1. The course we are teaching is on the Kingdom of God. Please pray that God will plant his word deep into the hearts and minds of these students so that they will treasure the King and his reign above all else.
  2. Pray that students will grow in their understanding of the “already but not yet” of the Kingdom which will help guard the churches in Cameroon from the health, wealth & prosperity teaching which is so prevalent in Africa and throughout the world.
  3. Pray for the practical needs of this first cohort—that their families are taken care of and they are free to give themselves to the rigors of study and the demands of ministry.

Bethlehem College & Seminary is thrilled to partner with our church for God’s glory in raising up preachers in Cameroon!