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May 31, 2018

Books for Cameroon Church/School Plant

Tom Steller

Elder & Global Partner, Bethlehem Pastor for 40 Years

Friends, Colleagues, and Students of Dieudonné Tamfu,

We are so thankful that the time has come to send Dieudonné Tamfu and his family back to his home country of Cameroon. Dieudonné graduated from The Bethlehem Institute in 2010, earned a PhD, then returned to Minneapolis to teach at Bethlehem College & Seminary and pastor at one of our daughter churches. Julie and I lived in Cameroon for seven months and saw with our own eyes how few books were owned or even available to the average Cameroonian pastor or student preparing for pastoral ministry. Would you consider looking through your library to see if you have hard copies of books you now have digitally, or multiple copies of books when you only need one, or good solid books that you have not touched for a long time and could be better used in a theologically famished part of the world? If you do, follow the instructions in Dieudonné’s letter below.

Since many of my books in my library match the description above, I plan to give away much of my library. No doubt there are many worthy destinations for our books that we no longer need, but here we have a rare opportunity to help launch the library of the Bethlehem College & Seminary Extension Site in Cameroon. Here is more from Dieudonné ...

Hello, I am Dieudonné Tamfu, a pastor at Jubilee Community Church and a teacher at Bethlehem College & Seminary. In just two months, my family and I will be moving back to Cameroon, my home country, to plant a church and start a seminary in partnership with BCS. Our aim is to spread a passion for God's supremacy in all things for the joy of all the peoples of Cameroon, including the 10 or so unengaged people groups within reach of the church and school we hope to plant.

To that end, I write to request books that we may use to start a library for our school and church. I am looking for sound theological books in any of these categories: Bible Commentaries, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Theology, Biographies, Church History, Christian Living, Christian/Church Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism, Family and Parenting, Greek and Hebrew Grammars, Hermeneutics, Missions, Historical Theology, Practical Theology, and Systematic Theology.

If you have books you would like to donate, please bring (or send) the books in cardboard boxes (if you have them) to the reception desk on the fourth floor of the Downtown Campus (720 13th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55415). If you need to have the books picked up or have any questions, please call or email Susan Myers (612-338-7653), one of the receptionists at Bethlehem’s Downtown Campus, and I or a friend will come to pick them up.

We will be loading our shipping container on June 21. So if you can get the books to Susan by June 19, that would be excellent.

God bless,
Dieudonné Tamfu

Tamfu Family Prayer Card