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August 2, 2017

All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting (July 30, 2017)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Meeting Highlights …

  • Devotional from Pastor Jason Meyer
  • Membership Report
  • Church Discipline Matters
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25” Updates
  • Approval of Deacons
  • Approval of Job Description for Dan Holst
  • Presentation of Written Motion to Amend Constitution at the Annual Meeting
  • Presentation of Bethlehem’s Updated Website


Pastor Jason gave a devotional that focused on a biblical explanation of the Office of Deacon. He led us to consider the following texts: Romans 16:1, Philippians 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:1–18, and Acts 6:1–7.

Membership Report

At the end of the meeting, Bethlehem membership stands at 2823 members.

Church Discipline Matters

Elders proposed a motion to the congregation to remove a member for unrepentant sin. The motion carried unopposed.

Treasurer’s Report

Adam Sexton delivered the Treasurers Report for Second Quarter finances in 2017. Highlights include ...

  • Giving was $2.57M, up $386K from 2016; and spending was $2.20M, up $201K from 2016.
  • For the first six months of 2017, giving was $5.12M, up nearly $1M (23%) from 2016 when giving was $4.16M. Spending was flat compared to 2016.
  • Our mortgage debt declined from $3.1M to $2.9M.
  • Continued strong giving in excess of budgeted spending will help reduce the eventual South Campus facility mortgage.

‘Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25’ Update

  • Pastor Ken Currie gave an update on Strengthening the Core, and highlighted the importance of each member building up the body in love. He also noted that strengthening the core includes hiring pastors to equip members for ministry—we praise God for our recent hires: Daniel Viezbicke, Bryan Pickering, and Stephen Lee.
  • John Hendricks represented the Building Committee for the South Campus and offered an update on the South Campus Building.
    • On August 3 the committee will meet with the Lakeville Planning Commission. If approved there, the committee moves to hoped-for final approval with the City Council on Monday, August 21.
    • Pray ...
      • That brick-clad precast wall panels will be granted a variance as Grade A materials.
      • For a long, dry, and warm Fall for construction purposes.
      • For favorable sub-contract pricing.
  • Kenny Stokes gave an update on Church Planting
    • Church Planters:
      1. Paul Przybylowski and Tyler Mykkanen: Pray for them as they build a team at Word of Grace in South Minneapolis
      2. Jonathan Woodyard: Northfield, MN
      3. Ryan Eagy: Boise, ID
      4. Adam Pohlman: Rochester, MN
    • Planters in Process:
      • Dan Shambro: Eau Claire, WI
      • Joel Aubrey: Granville, NY
      • Michel Galeano: Westville, FL
      • Greg Mott: Little Earth, Minneapolis
  • Todd Rasmussen gave an update on Unreached Unengaged People Groups
    • Pray for ...
      • Two  single men, a single woman, and a family who are in the process of being appointed to mission agencies and are exploring options to serve with unengaged peoples.  
      • A current global partner in Southeast Asia who is investigating an opportunity to mentor a Southeast Asian pastor to take the gospel to an unengaged people group.
      • Twenty-eight  in the Nurture Program who are praying about whether they should be part of our “25 by ‘25” vision.

We anticipate that moving forward in this area will be the hardest and slowest of our FTC goals, but praise God for what he is doing among us!

    Approval of Deacons

    Members affirmed the following members in the office of deacon.

    • Greg Gee
    • Mary Hendricks
    • Jeff Noyed
    • Jack Olwell
    • Marilyn Olwell
    • Barry Onufrock
    • Stephen Prater
    • Perry Ryan
    • Bob Sarna
    • Nathan Warriner
    • Renee Warriner
    • Bonnie Williams
    • Denny Williams

    Approval of Job Description for Dan Holst

    With the recent hire of Steven Lee as Lead Pastor, North Campus, the congregation approved Dan Holst’s new job description to serve as Pastor for Worship, North.

    Presentation of Written Motion to Amend Constitution at December Annual Meeting

    Ken Currie presented a recommendation from the Council of Elders to amend  Bethlehem’s  constitution, Article IV, Sec 1g at the December 2017 Annual Meeting as follows:

    From: Approve the call, job description and initial salary of Vocational Pastors and Ministers.

    To: Approve the call and job description of Elders who receive compensation from the Church for fulfilling their Elder responsibilities.

    Presentation of Bethlehem’s Updated Website

    Andy Lang gave an overview of rationale and features for Bethlehem’s updated website, which has moved from to