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Treasurer's Report

Summary of the Treasurer’s Report on April 24, 2022

View a PDF of the presentation.

First Quarter 2022 Summary

Giving was $1.7M

  • Down $376K (18%) when compared to Q1 2021 giving
    • 2008 was the last time Q1 giving was below $1.7M

Spending was $2.2M

  • Down $43K when compared to Q1 2021 spending

Spending exceeded giving by $505K

  • In Q1 2021, spending exceeded giving by $172K


Bethlehem Mortgage for North Campus

  • $793K principal balance as of 3/31/2022
  • Reduced by $110K YTD
  • $41K of this reduction was from special designated gifts toward reducing our mortgage balances

Bethlehem Mortgage for South Campus

  • $6.4M principal balance as of 3/31/2021
  • Reduced by $50K YTD

Praise & Prayer


  • For the promises of Philippians 4 that God will supply every need
  • For a committed core of members who give money & time
  • For a dedicated staff that serves faithfully in difficult times


  • That we would learn from Philippians 4
    • Contentment in every circumstance
    • The secret of facing need
    • The fruit that comes from generosity
    • To serve like Epaphroditus

Additional notes and charts available in the PDF of the presentation.