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Treasurer's Report

Summary of the Treasurer’s Report on October 16, 2022

View a PDF of the presentation.

Third Quarter 2022 Summary

Giving was $1.8M

  • Down $140K when compared to Q3 2021 giving
  • In Q2 giving was only down $95K vs Q2 2021

Spending was $2.2M

  • Down $130K when compared to Q3 2021 spending
  • In Q2 spending was $217K lower than in Q2 2021

Spending exceeded giving by $423K

  • In Q3 2021, spending exceeded giving by $413K

Year-to-Date 2022 Summary

Giving was $5.52M

  • Down $611K from 2021 when giving was $6.13M (down 10%)
  • Consistent with Q2 when we were down 11% from 2021

Spending was $6.67M

  • Down $390K. In 2021 spending was $7.06M (down 5.5%)

Spending has exceeded giving by $1.14M

  • In 2021 September YTD spending exceeded giving by $923K


Bethlehem Mortgage for North Campus

  • $603K principal balance as of 9/30/2022
  • Reduced by $301K YTD
  • $20K of this reduction was from special designated gifts toward reducing our mortgage balances

Bethlehem Mortgage for South Campus

  • $6.31M principal balance as of 9/30/2022
  • Reduced by $147K YTD

Praise & Prayer


  • For increasing clarity of vision on transition
  • For talented, godly leaders who are working hard on a plan
  • For committed members who are supporting our mission


  • For congregational consensus regarding the proposed transition plan:
    • "one heart and mind" (Acts 4:32)
    • "being in full accord and of one mind" (Phil. 2:20)
    • "united in the same mind and judgment" (1 Cor. 1:10)
  • That 4th quarter giving would be strong enough to not saddle campuses (and possible separate churches) with extra debt in 2023.

Additional notes and charts available in the PDF of the presentation.