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My Contribution Statement


Annual Contribution Statements

Welcome to online access to your Annual Contribution Statement. Once final year-end contributions are received and processed, that year’s contribution statement is added to the list below. The most recent few years of statements are available. If you would like to receive a contribution statement for prior years, please contact Paul Johnson, Bethlehem’s Financial Secretary.

NOTE: Select My Giving if you would like to review your current year’s contributions.

A few points to keep in mind as you review your statement:

  • Contributions listed to “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25,” our congregationally-approved budget/general operating fund, are included in the column listing “General Fund” contributions.
  • Non-cash gifts (stock, property, etc.) or gifts made through a donor advised fund, charitable endowment or other agencies should be reflected on alternate confirmation or statement documents that you should receive from these agencies, or from Bethlehem in the case of stock or property gifts, and therefore are not reflected on this statement.
  • If the address on your most recent statement is different that your current address, please send an email to Paul Johnson, or call 612-338-7653 x.463 with your updated address, and our records will be updated.

If you would like to receive your statement via email/online only, please check the “Go Paperless” box below.

Select the year you would like to view/print/save, and then select “Save as PDF” to download the selected statement to your device.