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Ministry Trips


The outreach Ministry Trip experience can be a vital step in preparing for a missionary career abroad or enriching your life at home as a follower of Jesus with a heart for the nations.

Each year, Bethlehem leads short-term ministry trips to locations across the globe to bless and support our global partners and ministry connections. Each trip is planned to help meet current needs and further outreach initiatives of those who are serving in a long-term context.

Trip Openings & Application

All who are sent on a ministry trip by Bethlehem must complete our application. This process includes both individual short-term trips through agencies (such as Converge, Campus Outreach, etc.) as well as our Bethlehem-sponsored short-term trips.  

Availability for trips is limited, so applying does not guarantee a spot on the trip. You will be contacted by the Global Outreach Department once your application has been processed.

View the Ministry Trip Finder to see trips that are currently open to new team members. All trips provide a fact sheet with details, and they are ranked on a scale from one to three based upon the level of spiritual maturity needed for each trip. If you are interested in a trip with Club 4th, see and contact them directly for an application. 

Preparation: Before You Sign Up

Each Ministry Trip team is sent out with this goal in mind ...

We desire to be a team of people characterized by Christlike behavior exhibited through unconditional love; unselfish, joyful service; and unified teamwork. Our ultimate purpose as a team is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. 

As you consider joining a Ministry Trip, please review these considerations and become familiar with the Ministry Trip Team Covenant.

Generally, those who are sent out on a trip ...

  • Have an interest in serving in vocational ministry and seek firsthand exposure to missions to help determine a calling into full-time Christian service.
  • Aim to serve in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Consider the trip as a vital step of preparation for a missionary career abroad or for a better-equipped life at home as a follower of Christ.

HOw to Support a Ministry Trip

Ministry Trip teams are ambassadors for Christ that seek to bless global partners and national ministries as they strengthen long-term ministry efforts. Therefore, each team member needs supporters who can both pray on their behalf and financial support them to enable their ministry. 


Offer support through intercession for the team and their ministry by asking God ...

  • For opportunities to make Christ known
  • For team unity and joy in serving
  • For safety and sustained health
  • For team members to come back with increased passion for proclaiming Christ to the nations
  • For each team member to have a clearer sense of God’s call on his or her life upon the trip’s conclusion


  • To give online, go to the Short Term Trip Giving section in the Bethlehem Portal.
  • Select a Trip from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the individual from the next dropdown menu.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your donation.