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Mercy & Service Ministries

Gardens of Praise
A ministry of CityJoy, Gardens of Praise is an urban gardening ministry designed to connect urban neighbors with our Creator Jesus Christ and to increase their knowledge about growing food in the inner city. Contact: Laurie McRostie (612-201-5252)

Jericho Road Ministries
A ministry of CityJoy, Jericho Road Ministries provides individuals and families with prayer support, direct-aid relief, advocacy, referral, and guidance. We seek to empower individuals and families to move beyond crisis toward financial stability and pursue emotional, personal, and spiritual health. Contact: Jeff Noyed (612-423-7731)

Inner City Ministry of CRU
Bethlehem partners with Crus Inner City Ministry, a Christ-centered and church-based ministry. They provide Compassionate Products, after-school programs at their SAY Yes! Centers, church-based curriculum to assist the unemployed, and volunteers to help urban churches, families, and neighborhoods with work projects.