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Our neighbors’ happiness is contingent upon their treasuring of Jesus Christ, so we want our joy in him to overflow in spreading the gospel through ...

 Befriending Unbelievers

Gospel Befriending is a focus at the North Campus as we encourage one another to develop genuine friendships with unbelievers in order to show them the kind of befriending love we have received from Jesus. These friendships also provide the context in which we can share the gospel. A North Campus Neighborhood Outreach Facebook group has formed to share ongoing ideas, prayer requests, and support.

Downtown Campus   Small Groups

A component of our small groups is to be winsome and evangelistic together—both in inviting non-Christians to group activities, and also in outreach events and service projects.

North Campus Tuesday Night Evangelism

All are welcome to participate in this North Campus ministry! Whether or not you are experienced in sharing your faith, this is a wonderful opportunity to put your faith into action with an evangelism team. During the summer, we meet Tuesdays at 6:30pm, spend time in prayer, and team up in pairs to go out into nearby neighborhoods for evangelizing, discipling, and equipping. Contact: Vince Johnson, Pastor for Outreach, North (651-353-9779) 

Downtown Campus    Backyard Bible Clubs

Families and small groups can host a club to present the truths of Jesus Christ to children in their neighborhood in order to awaken and feed spiritual hunger. The God-centered, evangelistic curriculum we use is designed for Grades 1–5, and it follows a five-day format. Contact: Lulu Robinson (612-455-0800 x805)

Downtown Campus   Christmas Gatherings

Invite neighbors to your home near the holidays to share holiday traditions and the true meaning of Christmas. Training is offered each Fall. Contact: Pastor Vince Johnson (612-455-0800 x812)