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Scott Brueske


  1. Briefly share your testimony of how you came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    I vividly remember praying to ask for forgiveness and giving my life to the Lord at the age of eight, following an especially moving evening church service at the Free Church our family attended. A second milestone came when as a teenager I dedicated my life to full time service for Christ, in whatever avenues he may lead or call. Both of these milestones served to orient my life through the many years as I have continued to grow in my knowledge of God, his grace toward me, and my understanding of how he is calling me to serve him.

  2. Tell us about your family. 
    I met my Iowa farm-girl bride while working as summer staff at Camp Shamineau. Twenty-five years of full time Christian camp ministry followed, during which the Lord blessed us with three children who have since grown into adulthood. As a couple, serving others has been the foundation of much of our life’s work. Anna understands this calling to serve and fully supports my role as a Deacon at Bethlehem.

  3. Do you agree with the Elder Affirmation of Faith and the Church Covenant ?
    I fully agree with the Elder Affirmation of Faith and the Church Covenant.

  4. When did you start attending Bethlehem?
    As a young couple in the 90s, we attended Bethlehem before moving our family to Northern Minnesota. Since returning to the Twin Cities in 2013, we have attended Bethlehem’s Downtown Campus and both of us became members shortly thereafter.

  5. In what areas have you served at Bethlehem?
    I have primarily served Bethlehem as a full time staff member, first as Downtown Facility Coordinator and most recently as Director of Property.

  6. Why are you excited to serve as a deacon at Bethlehem?
    God has uniquely created me to have a desire to serve others. Through many life experiences he has equipped me with a strong mechanical aptitude and has blessed me with the mind of an engineer. I find great joy in using both of these gifts to strengthen and equip the body of Christ in any way needed.