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Cheryl Lonski


  1. Share your testimony. How did God draw you to faith in Christ?
    Looking back over my life, the Lord’s persistent work to draw my heart to his is clear and evident. However, I am not certain when my faith became saving faith. A significant event occurred when I was 12. Following a difficult time, I cried out to the Lord, telling him I wasn't sure if he was real. I asked that if he was real, would he help me? I had no idea that day how he would use crushing events and enduring sorrow to break my self-sufficient pride, win my heart, and gain my trust. Today Jesus is my life. He is my greatest treasure. He holds me fast.

  2. Why do you want to be a Deacon?
    For such a time as this. I’m at a stage in life where I have very few concrete responsibilities. Our children are grown. Unexpectedly, my time in the Degree Completion Program at Bethlehem College & Seminary fanned a significantly deeper love for the church, for the body of Christ. I am persuaded that retirement is an American construct that the Lord is calling me to use as a stewardship for his purposes. And then I was asked to consider becoming a Deacon.

  3. Where is your passion to serve people?
    My greatest passion is to see women grow in their understanding of gospel truth. I subscribe to the thinking that what we as women know/think about God is one of the most important things about us as humans made in the image of the living God. I have seen women transformed by a deepening comprehension of who the Lord is, his character, and his nature. It is a high joy.