Downtown Campus

720 13th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55415
Sundays: 7:30am, 9am & 11am

North Campus

5151 Program Ave, Mounds View, Minnesota, 55112
Sundays: 9am & 11am

South Campus

20700 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, Minnesota, 55044
Sundays: 10:30am

Bob Sarna


  1. Share your testimony. How did God draw you to faith in Christ?
    At the age of 28, I was introduced to Linda, my future spouse. God’s providence brought us together. I needed Jesus and she needed a little help with family dynamics. I believe we helped each other see the truth of our sin. Linda spoke truth to me and the Holy Spirit worked on to my heart. One morning driving to work, I gave my life to the Lord. I did not have one of those “instant” transitions to a true Christian life. My view of God certainly changed, but it took several years before I came to a true understanding of who he actually is and what he actually did for me. 

  2. Tell us about your family. Does your spouse support your move toward becoming a deacon? 
    I love my wife, she is my best friend—I am the husband of one wife and can’t imagine life without her. Our home is open to all those that choose to enter; we love to cook for and entertain others—we are hospitable. I enjoy teaching, and I also believe that Linda and I keep our house in order, that our children love and respect us, and that they listen to our instruction. That’s not to say we haven’t had our challenges over the years! My wife is very supportive of my move toward becoming a deacon.                                              
  3. Do you agree with the Elder Affirmation of Faith and the Church Covenant? 

  4. When did you start attending Bethlehem?  
    We’ve been attending since 2007.

  5. In what areas have you served at Bethlehem?  
    I have worked with Pastor Bud Burk as a Sunday School teacher for 5th & 6th Graders for the last eight years. Earlier this year, I spoke with Pastor Bud and Richie Stark, and I have agreed to move to the youth basement and jointly teach Middle School students (Grades 6–8). I also serve in the Nursery with my wife on occasion. Additionally I lead the Thoms’ Barnabas Team and have lead the Meetup group in Minnetonka. Finally, I help with small projects around the church when asked.

  6. Why are you excited to serve as a deacon at Bethlehem? 
    It is my hope that in becoming a deacon I will be able to serve both the flock and the leaders. To the best of my ability, I want to help ensure that our church remains healthy—especially at the leadership level. I also believe that there are several areas of opportunity to assist and serve fellow brothers and sisters in our church. It is my belief that some need to be served while others simply need a little assistance getting through a tough time and/or with a project that they do not have the experience completing on their own. I hope to “come alongside” and help a brother out.