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May 15, 2018

Summer Sabbaticals

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

This summer four of our pastors will be taking sabbaticals. Would you uphold them and their families in prayer? Hear from each on his sabbatical dates and plans …

Todd Rasmuson, Pastor for Global Outreach

May 15 – August 15 (near Ames, Iowa)

Please pray for three main goals ...

  • Drawing near to Jesus
  • Writing (various projects)
  • Popping out fence posts and other physical labor at the family farm

Key Contact: Lida Sheard (also Micah B. and Pastors Brad Nelson and David Livingston)

Jon Nowlin, Pastor for Youth & Family Discipleship, North Campus

May 26 – August 26

Please pray for ...

  • Abiding deeply in the love of Jesus.
  • Sharpening through digging into the Scriptures and ministry-related reading.  
  • Serving and loving each of my children and my wife, Mandy, through intentional and extended time together.
  • Relaxing by hiking, reading, throwing a baseball, and taking walks with our golden retriever.

Key Contact: Josh Bremerman (Katie Kramer, Diane Soderholm, and Ben Katterson would also love to serve you)

Jon Grano, Pastor for Operations 

May 27 – August 26

Areas of sabbatical focus ...

  • Extended time in Scripture reading, prayer, devotional reading, and worship (including creation of a personal songbook)
  • Research on maturing multi-campus churches and how they structure / organize for continued fruitfulness and effectiveness, with the hope that this may help identify possible “best practice” future options for Bethlehem
  • Reading several books on operational effectiveness in church ministry
  • Time to connect with immediate and extended family members

Key Contacts:

  • Scott Brueske and Joby Morgan: general day-to-day Operations Department oversight
  • Pastor Ken Currie: liaison between Operations Department and lead team, elders, and pastoral staff

Mike Tong, Pastor for Neighborhood Outreach, Downtown Campus

June 11 – September 10

The areas of sabbatical focus are ...

  • Travel with my wife, Catherine, and our three kids to see family around the U.S. and Asia
  • Enable Catherine to practice her artwork while I engage with our three kids
  • Study in three areas: Ethnic Harmony, Mercy Ministry, and Building Church Community

Key Contact: Gretchen Spencer