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September 16, 2021

South Family Quarterly Strategy Meeting (September 12)

Ruth Gulbranson

Coordinator for Communications

The South Family Quarterly Strategy Meeting was held Sunday 12, September, 2021.

Meeting Highlights

  • Membership Report
  • Testimonies
  • Church Planting Resident
  • Updates From the Elders

Membership Report

Pastor Daniel Viezbicke presented the South Membership Report in executive session. The report included 21 members being recommended for removal, and 10 individuals being recommended for membership. The motion to adopt the recommendations was approved.


South members Heidi Preisler and Janet Hutton shared personal testimonies about God’s work in their lives.

Church Planting Resident

Haddon Anderson is the new church planting resident at the South Campus. He presented a testimony about how his family was led by God out of their previous ministry in Iowa and toward church planting at Bethlehem.

Updates From the Elders

Various elders informed the congregation on the plan for Fall Programming at the South Campus and developments at the All-Church level of Bethlehem. A time of Q&A with the congregation followed.

Thanks to Caleb Figgers and Rachel Dyvig for their assistance in preparing this update.