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September 13, 2019

Sermon Discussion Questions: The Judgment of Jesus

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon on September 15, “The Judgment of Jesus” (Mark 14:43–72). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection.

Prophesy and Fulfillment

  1. The Betrayal of Judas (Mark 14:43–52)
  2. The Trial of Jesus (Mark 14:53–65)
  3. The Denial of Peter (Mark 14:66–72)

Main Point: Jesus is both the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 and the Son of Man of Daniel 7, and so God has sovereignly appointed him to be both the Judged and the Judge.

Discussion Questions

  • What did the disciples and the crowd that came to arrest Jesus both fail to understand about Jesus and what was happening in his arrest?
  • Why was the trial of Jesus unjust? What did the Jewish leaders fail to understand about who Jesus is and what was really happening?
  • Why was Peter’s denial of Jesus so ironic? How did the trial of Jesus inside the high priest’s home relate to what happened to Peter in the courtyard of the high priest?
  • Why does the Gospel of Mark use so much irony in the stories of Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and rejection? In other words, what does irony lead the reader to do?
  • How are the dynamics of this text still on display in our day?

Application Questions

  • Do you view yourself as the judge of Jesus or Jesus as the Judge of you? Reflect on the various ways that we act as the judge, even when we know we are not the judge.
  • How can we better align our hearts and our hopes with Jesus as the Great I Am who is the Judge of All?
  • What part of this message do you need to share with someone this week?

Prayer Focus
Pray for a grace to come to grips with the reality of Christ’s Lordship and to joyfully bow the knee and confess with the tongue that he is Lord.