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December 13, 2019

Sermon Discussion Questions: Rejoicing in Reversal

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon on December 15, “Rejoicing in Reversal” (Luke 1:46–56). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection.  


  1. Praise for the Personal Work (Luke 1:46–50)
  2. Praise for the Pattern at Work (Luke 1:51–55)

Main Point: Mary rejoices in the reversals God brings with the birth of the Messiah as a work of sovereign subversion.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the structure of Luke 1:46–55 (the two parts of the text)? How do the two parts relate to each other?
  • Describe the pattern that Mary sees in God’s plan of salvation. How does that pattern reflect what salvation is and how one receives it?
  • What is the difference between mercy and grace?
  • What are some examples of reversals in Luke 1 and Luke 2?
  • What are some examples of reversals in the rest of Luke?

Application Questions

  • Where do you think you fit on the social scale that Mary paints for us in her poem? Do you identify with the strong, rich, and proud or with the weak, poor, and humble? Why? If God is opposed to the strong, rich, and proud, but gives grace to the weak, poor, and humble, then how do you put yourself under his mighty hand with more freedom and joyful abandon?
  • Why does God set up salvation in such a way that humanity must be humbled in order to be saved? How does this work accord with God’s own passion for his glory?
  • What part of this sermon or passage do you need to share with others? Plan to share, and pray for who to share it with and when and how to share it.

Prayer Focus
Pray for a grace to receive God’s salvation and rejoice in how he has chosen to save.