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April 17, 2020

Sermon Discussion Questions: Imperishable Hope for God’s People

Steven Lee

Lead Pastor, North Campus

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon on April 19, “Imperishable Hope for God’s People” (1 Peter 1:1–5). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection. 

Main Point: Because believers have an imperishable hope grounded in the miracle of the new birth, they can withstand trials with worship.


  1. Context
    • Setting: Hostility
    • Audience: Elect Exiles (1 Peter 1:1)
    • Main Character: Triune God (1 Peter 1:2)
  2. Part 1: What has God done?
    • Born again to a living hope (1 Peter 1:3)
    • Born again to an inheritance that is imperishable,
    • undefiled, and unfading (1 Peter 1:4)
    • Born again to salvation ready to be revealed in the last time (1 Peter 1:5)
  3. Part 2: How do we respond?
    • Marvel at his great mercy
    • Praise and bless God’s greatness in salvation

Discussion Questions

  • In 1 Peter 1:1, what is the significance of “elect exiles of the Dispersion”? Where else in Peter’s epistles is similar language or concepts used?
  • Why does Peter mention God the Father, Spirit, and Son in his greeting (verse 2)? How does Exodus 24:3–8 help us understand “sprinkling with his blood”?
  • Why is the theme of new birth significant? How does Jesus’ teaching in John 3 help shed light on this idea?
  • Why is “living hope” an important theme for Peter’s audience, and what is this hope based or grounded upon?
  • Why is an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading important for Peter’s audience? How does this reality help them withstand hostility, suffering, and persecution?

Application Questions

  • How does worship combat spiritual weariness or callousness to the things of God?
  • What are some ways we can cultivate a deeper appreciation for the miracle of the new birth and the promise of resurrection and eternal life?
  • What are some life rhythms or habits of grace that you regularly practice to fight for joy in God?
  • In this season of self-isolation and social distancing, how can we continue to cultivate hearts of worship and awe?

Prayer Focus
Praise God for all that he has accomplished for his people according to his great mercy in 1 Peter 1:1–5. Confess any sins of callousness, indifference, anxiety, apathy, or “awelessness” in response to God’s great work of salvation. Thank God for his work of salvation, causing us to be born again, and guarding us through faith—especially in trials. Ask God to help us to rejoice and stand firm in him as we experience trials, suffering, persecution, or hostilities as elect exiles here on earth.