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May 17, 2019

Sermon Discussion Questions: David's Son and David's Lord

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon on May 19, “David’s Son and David’s Lord” (Mark 12:35–37). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection.


  1. Jesus’ Challenge (Mark 12:35)
  2. Jesus’ Citation (Mark 12:36)
  3. Jesus’ Counter-Question (Mark 12:37a–b)
  4. The Crowds’ Response (Mark 12:37c)

Main Point: Scripture paints a picture of the Messiah as both David’s son and David’s Lord. Jesus is that picture come to life—live and in living color.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the precise challenge that Jesus brings against the scribes?
  • What Psalm does Jesus cite to make his point?
  • Why does it matter that David is the author of the Psalm? In other words, what point is Jesus making, and why does his point hinge in part upon David being the author of the Psalm?
  • Why is Jesus’ rebuke of the scribes so powerful? Why would this rebuke be devastating for the scribes in particular?
  • What are some of the lines of evidence for the deity of Jesus?
  • What are some of the lines of evidence for the humanity of Jesus?

Application Questions

  • How is your heart responding to the truths in Scripture about Jesus? Do you feel boredom, do you have a sour taste, or is Jesus the sweetest name? What would it take to savor Jesus more this week?
  • Are the truths of Jesus’ humanity and deity precious to you? How will our culture test your commitment to them?
  • What would it look like for you to take the next steps of obedience in this passage? What landed on you that you need to share with others this week? Who do you need to share it with?

Prayer Focus
Pray for a grace to stand in fresh awe of who Jesus is and what he has done!