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February 7, 2020

Sermon Discussion Questions: 20/20 Vision and Hebrews 13:17

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon on February 9, “20/20 Vision and Hebrews 13:17” (Hebrews 13:17). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection.


  1. The responsibility of the people: Obey and submit (v. 17a)
  2. The responsibility of the leaders: Keep watch over souls (v. 17b)
  3. The accountability of the leaders: They will give an account to God (v. 17c)
  4. The mutuality of the leaders and the people (v. 17d)

Main Points:

  • People: Obey your leaders because they are working for the everlasting good of your souls and they will receive an everlasting judgment for it.
  • Leaders: Be a joyful shepherd and not a groaning shepherd because that will not benefit your people.

Discussion Questions

  • In Hebrews 13:17, part a, what is the main call upon the people?
  • In Hebrews 13:17, part b, what is the main reason that the people should want to obey?
  • In Hebrews 13:17, part c, what does it mean that shepherds will give an account?
  • How do the responsibilities of both the people and the shepherds work together for mutual good and mutual joy?

Application Questions

  • How well do you know this text? How well do you think you are obeying this text? What do next steps look like in your knowledge/understanding of the text, your attitude toward it, and your obedience of it?
  • How does this passage impact and influence the 20/20 Vision of the elder council? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Do you have ongoing questions that the elders need to answer?
  • What part of this message do you need to share with someone this week?

Prayer Focus
Pray for a grace for leaders and people to joyfully keep in step together as we walk together into our Chief Shepherd’s eternal pastures.