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June 15, 2020

Opportunities at Hopewell Orphanage in Belize 

Brad Nelson

Pastor for Global Outreach

Robin & Nissa Sutphen serve as Bethlehem Global Partners at Hopewell Children’s Home in Belize. Hopewell Children’s Home seeks to create a safe, Christian home environment for abused, neglected, and vulnerable children in Belize. The Sutphens are praying for partners to fill several short-term (three-month–year-long) roles:

  • Caregiver: Someone to work directly with the children by supporting house parents in connecting and building relationships. 
  • Counselor: Someone to meet the many active counseling needs of the children.
  • Worship Leader: Someone to lead music during children’s ministry times.
  • Outreach: Believing the gospel of Jesus is the answer to orphan ministry, the Sutphens are looking for partners who can work on building up the church (to whom the hope of the gospel belongs). 

These roles would be suitable for anyone looking for cross-cultural experience or wanting to learn what it looks like to minister to vulnerable populations. Singles or married couples without kids would be best suited for this ministry context.  

To learn more, contact Robin Sutphen at .