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March 15, 2022

March 2022 Outreach Partner: Harmon Squires

Jacque Boldt

Administrative Assistant for Neighborhood Outreach, North

Join us in praying for Harmon Squires. Bethlehem’s Outreach Partners are those whom we have sent out to proclaim Christ’s gospel in communities across the United States.

Ministry Overview
Harmon serves with Campus Outreach Minneapolis as the Assistant Resource Director to manage the ministry’s finances and human resources so the staff team can be freed up to engage college students with the gospel and disciple them to be disciple-makers. CO’s relational ministry is both a means and an end as we share the good news of Christ and then help equip students to live a life of sharing Jesus with others. 

Pray for Harmon …

  • That God would bring new members to our team to continue to grow his gospel work & impact on the cities and the world. 
  • That God would provide partners for our team who pray consistently and help to fund our Kingdom vision. 
  • That God would raise up a movement of saving grace on our college campuses and bring students from death to life with a desire to know and love Jesus.

Send an email to encourage Harmon.