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March 30, 2021

March 2021 Outreach Partners: Isaac & Bethany Ledford

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Join us in praying for Isaac & Bethany Ledford and their children, Zelda, Torin, and Saria. Bethlehem’s Outreach Partners are those whom we have sent out to proclaim Christ’s gospel in communities across the United States.

Ministry Overview
Working with Cru in the Twin Cities, the Ledfords help win, build, and send students for Christ. Isaac mobilizes Cru’s short-term mission trips by handling logistics for people around the country. Bethany disciples students and helps plan events in the Twin Cities.

Pray for Isaac & Bethany ...

  • For the 181 missionaries going overseas this year, that they will safely arrive at their destinations and that their ministry will bear fruit.
  • That God would provide a wide harvest for us through our Spring and Summer mission trips.
  • That staff and students in the Twin Cities would seek to walk closely with God and that others would see their faith. 

Send an email to encourage Isaac & Bethany.