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July 16, 2018

Let’s Do ‘National Night Out’ on August 7!

Vince Johnson

Pastor for Outreach, North

Bethlehem, let’s do “National Night Out” on August 7!

We are encouraging as many folks as possible to lead and participate in their local National Night Out (NNO) or Night To Unite gatherings. What if hundreds of us met and served those in our neighborhoods that night? There’s no “religious” twist to the evening. We are participating on equal footing with our neighbors. Of course we will go as Spirit-filled, Jesus-loving, gospel-breathing saints. But I believe the connections with new or old neighbors will be organic and comfortable. Kathy and I are working with a family down the street to organize a gathering  on our Costa Lane. They’ve held a similar event in their previous neighborhood, so we’re learning from them!

Items to Consider for Hosting a Neighborhood Gathering

  • Pray
  • Look up requirements for parties in your neighborhood and determine the registration due date.
    • If you live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, google “National Night Out” and your city name.
    • If you live in a suburb, google “Night to Unite” and your city/county name.
    • If you can’t find anything online about your location, call your local law enforcement or City Hall for details.
  • Figure out if there is already a party being planned.
    • Talk with your neighbors.
    • Start the registration process or talk to the person in charge of parties in your community.
    • Inquire on or Facebook.
  • Ask others for help (especially other believers).
  • Decide what to do and where to do it.
  • Food ideas: ice cream social, potluck dinner, catering
  • Consider supplies like name tags, sign-up sheet for contact info, chairs & tables, etc.
  • Will your event  be in yards, in the street, at a park, etc? (If in the street, check with your city on how to get it blocked off.)
  • Register your party with the city; complete it by your location’s due date!
  • Invite your neighbors and advertise the party (your city may provide the invitation template).
  • Gather your supplies.
  • Execute your plans and have a great time meeting and serving your neighbors.

Excited in Jesus to hear what happens!

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