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April 21, 2021

How Rules of Procedure Serve the Church

Kurt Elting-Ballard

Chairman, Council of Elders

As we prepare for church business meetings this week, our Parliamentarian Anthony Bushnell and I are sharing two resources about our use of Robert’s Rules of Order in our meetings. We hope and pray that this information will help us as a church in understanding these rules so that we can serve each other better and love each other as Christ loves us.

The first article, How Rules of Procedure Serve the Church, highlights these items ...

  • Let All That You Do Be Done in Love
  • Cheat Sheets for Robert’s Rules
  • Keeping Everyone Equal 
  • Using a Motion
  • How to Gain Understanding/Be Clear in a Meeting Setting
  • What Is Not Appropriate in a Meeting?
  • Legal Reasons for Using Robert’s Rules
  • Robert’s Rules vs. the Bible?

The second article highlights Actions Commonly Used Under Robert’s Rules of Order. Understanding these basic actions will help you prepare for and engage in the meetings ...

  • Main Motion
  • Point of Information
  • Point of Parliamentary Procedure
  • Move to Amend
  • Move to Divide the Question
  • Move to Postpone Until [later in agenda/later date] OR Indefinitely
  • Point of Order
  • Object to the Ruling of the Chair
  • Move to End Debate/Call the Question

Please join us in praying for our church and leaders, that the Lord would give us wisdom and charity as we keep doing this together.