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December 16, 2020

Highlights From the All-Church Annual Meeting (December 13, 2020)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Meeting Highlights ...

  • Devotional from Pastor Kenny Stokes
  • Membership Report
  • Motions to Elect Elder Candidates and Deacon Candidates
  • Motions to Reaffirm Elders, Deacons, and Church Officers
  • Motion to Amend Constitution & By-Laws to  Include “Campuses”
  • 2020 Financial Update and 2021 Budget Preview
  • Update on Bethlehem’s 150th Anniversary


Pastor Kenny Stokes presented a devotional from Jeremiah 9:23–24. Bethlehem is strong in many ways, and these graces should be celebrated. On the flip side, sometimes we compare ourselves to others and find we are not so great by other criteria. Pastor Kenny reminded us that our ultimate hope is in God, so when we talk about what kind of church we want to be, the main thing is that we are a church that treasures Christ above all else. If we had a perfectly-executed church strategy but did not have Christ, we would be as a noisy gong—a clanging cymbal. Lord, remind us of your greatness and help us to put our faith in you.

Membership Report

Pastor Ken Currie presented a membership report. At the end of the meeting, Bethlehem membership stands at 2,534 members.

In the Executive Session, during which all non-members were asked to leave the room, the elders made members aware of a church discipline matter.

Motions to Call Elders and Deacons

The elders recommended two new elder candidates and two new deacon candidates. Motions carried to call the following men to church leadership positions:

  • Brian Hanson as a non-staff Elder, North Campus
  • Jim Jordan as a non-staff Elder, North Campus
  • Tim Brinkmann as a Deacon, All-Church
  • Steve Walmsley as a Deacon, All-Church

Motions to Reaffirm and Elect Various Leaders

The congregation voted on motions from the elders to reaffirm or elect the following church leaders to another term of service at Bethlehem.

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Staff Elders for another three-year term:

    • Sam Crabtree (North)
    • Ken Currie (All-Church)
    • Jon Grano (All-Church)
    • Brian Liechty (North)
    • Jason Meyer (Downtown)
    • Brad Nelson (All-Church)
    • Jon Nowlin (North)
    • Jared Wass (Downtown)
    • Dave Zuleger (South)

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Non-Staff Elders for another three year term:

    • Darin Brink (Downtown)
    • Tom Dodds (North)
    • Don Hoffert (Downtown)
    • James Lecheler (Downtown)
    • Paul Poteat (Downtown)
    • Bruce Power (South)
    • Rod Takata (Downtown)

Motion carried to reaffirm the following Deacons for another three-year term:

    • Julie Barmore (North)
    • Sarah Bowe (North)
    • Scott Brueske (All-Church)
    • Liz Stein (North)

Motion carried to elect the following members to administrative positions for a one-year term:

  • Steve Walmsley, Financial Secretary
  • Tim Brinkmann, Treasurer
  • Bobby Ratliff, Church Clerk

Motion to Amend Constitution & By-Laws to Include ‘Campuses’

Pastor Ken Currie brought the motion from the elders to amend the Constitution and By-Laws to formally establish the concept of “Campuses” in our governing documents and allow for campus-specific business meetings. A summary of the amendment was presented at a special church meeting September 13, 2020, and at the October 18, 2020, All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting. The congregation approved the motion. 

2020 Financial Update and 2021 Budget Preview

Pastor Jon Grano gave a 2020 Financial Update (PDF) that expanded on last week’s “Financial Updates” blog post. He also presented an overview (PDF) of the elder-proposed 2021 Operating Budget of $10.2M (PDF). The members will vote on the proposed 2021 budget at the Winter All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting on January 31, 2021.

Updates on Bethlehem’s 150th Anniversary

Pastor Chuck Steddom highlighted that 2021 is the 150th anniversary of Bethlehem Baptist Church (see video), and that we plan to celebrate this milestone all year long! The congregation is invited to “save the date” of  August 22, 2021, for an all-church celebration gathering at Grace Church Eden Prairie, with additional events celebrating stories of God’s grace to our various ministries throughout the year.


Thanks to Church Clerk Bobby Ratliff for his assistance in preparing this update.