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December 15, 2021

Highlights From the All-Church Annual Meeting (December 12, 2021)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Meeting Highlights ...

  • Fill These Cities 25 x ’25: Global Outreach Report
  • Fill These Cities 25 x ’25: Church Planting Report
  • Membership Report
  • Motion to Reelect Church Officers
  • Motion to Reaffirm David Livingston as a Staff Elder
  • 2021 Financial Report
  • Introduction of the 2022 Budget
  • Elder Council Update

Fill These Cities 25 x ’25: Global Outreach Report

Pastor David Livingston presented the global outreach report. 

  • During Global Focus this year, 48 people responded to the call to serve in long-term cross-cultural missions.
  • Seven new global partners went to the field in 2021.
  • Pastor David shared a video update from a global partner family serving in North Africa, who has the goal of starting a church planting movement. They have a two-pronged approach of meeting physical needs and sharing the Good News. Medicine is a need as well, and they’ve started a medical dispensary ministry for the nomadic Arabs who camp outside their town.

Fill These Cities 25 x ’25: Church Planting Report

Pastor Kenny Stokes presented the church planting report.

  • Thanks to Cleon Engel who has been absorbing some of the things that Pastor Kenny can’t do since he’s  taken on the new role of Pastor for Preaching & Vision, Downtown.
  • Pray for our church plants, that they be marked by agreement in the Lord, love for one another, rebuilding in the community, and wisdom from above for ongoing marital and crisis counseling.
  • Pastor Kenny introduced our South Campus Church Planting Resident, Haddon Anderson.

Motion to Reelect Church Officers

Motion carried to reelect the following members to administrative positions for a one-year term:

  • Steve Walmsley, Financial Secretary
  • Tim Brinkmann, Treasurer
  • Bobby Ratliff, Church Clerk

Motion to Reaffirm All-Church Staff Elder 

Motion carried to reaffirm the following all-church elder for a three-year term:

  • David Livingston as Staff Elder (Pastor for Global Partner Member Care)

2021 Financial Report

Pastor Jon Grano gave a presentation of the 2021 Financial Update (PDF) to inform, encourage, and challenge year-end generosity.


  • Actual giving through November 30: $7.6M
  • Anticipated 2021 ministry expenses: $9.6M
  • Amount needed in December 2021 to meet 2021 expenses: $2.0M

Encouragement From Special Projects

  • Downtown Commons carpet replacement
  • North Campus roof replacement
  • North Campus exterior sign
  • North Campus Commons and Sanctuary carpet replacement

Challenge for Year-End Generosity

  • Pastor Emeritus John Piper’s remarks at the 150th celebration event on November 21 
  • Excerpts from December 3 update emails from each Pastor for Preaching & Vision (Kenny Stokes, Steven Lee, and Dave Zuleger)

Pastor Jon called the congregation to prayerfully consider their financial participation at the end of 2021.

Introduction of the 2022 Budget

Pastor Jon Grano gave a presentation of the 2022 Proposed Budget (PDF). The members will vote on the 2022 budget at the All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting January 30, 2022. He presented an overview of the elder-proposed 2022 Operating Budget of $9.45M. This budget is a $750K reduction (7.4%) from our 2021 congregationally-approved budget of $10.2M (approved at the January 31, 2021, Quarterly Strategy Meeting).

Elder Council Update

Elder Chair Kurt Elting-Ballard gave an update on a forthcoming (January 22) All-Elder Summit that will focus on elder leadership, authority, and engagement with the congregation.

Thanks to Church Clerk Bobby Ratliff for his assistance in preparing this update.