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August 9, 2022

Highlights From Campus Special Meetings (July 31, 2022)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, the Downtown, North, and South campuses each held a Special Meeting prior to the All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting that convened at 6:30pm. See highlights from each campus below.


Meeting Highlights

  • Welcome & Worship
  • Membership Report
  • Looking Forward / Financial Update
  • Sermon Series Update
  • Wednesdays Together

Welcome & Worship

Pastor Chuck Steddom greeted the congregation and led in song to start the meeting. Elder Co-Chair Paul Delahunt brought a devotional from John 15:1–2.

Membership Report

Pastor Jared Wass presented the membership report. The congregation approved the report, which removed 28 people from membership for a remaining count of 981 members affiliated with the Downtown Campus.

Looking Forward / Financial Update

Looking forward, Pastor Kenny Stokes gave the dates for upcoming Downtown Campus Family Meetings: Sundays, August 28 and September 25. Financially, 2022 Downtown Campus giving is about 23% below 2021 giving through June. The Downtown elders aim to present a 2023 budget proposal at the August 28 Family Meeting.

Sermon Series Update

Pastor Kenny Stokes announced the Fall 2022 sermon series, Strengthened by Grace, beginning Sunday, August 21.

Wednesdays Together

Pastor Bud Burk gave a preview for new Wednesday programming beginning September 14.


Meeting Highlights

  • Membership Report
  • Name Change Discussion

Membership Report

Pastor Steven Lee presented the membership report. In the report, 10 members were recommended for removal. The congregation approved the motion to remove, for a remaining 909 members affiliated with the North Campus.

Name Change Discussion

Pastor Steven Lee presented background information on why the North Campus needs a new name and what some options are.

  • A new name does not mean an entirely different church.
  • Currently, the elders are considering several different name options.
  • Whatever the name is, the congregation will fill it with meaning based on how we glorify God in Christian community together.
  • The elders desire and need congregational involvement through input and prayer.


Meeting Highlights

  • Membership Report
  • Elder Updates

Membership Report

In executive session, the assembly removed 13 people from membership and added 7 new members for an updated count of 336 members affiliated with the South Campus.

Elder Updates

Elder Bruce Power gave an update from recent meetings and discussions of the South Elders. In addition, Pastor Dave Zuleger updated the congregation on progress toward autonomy.

Thanks to Jake Wood, Stephen Clayton, Matt Moore, and Bobby Ratliff for their assistance in preparing the campus meeting updates.