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August 1, 2019

Global Partner Update on Formerly Unengaged People Group

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

The following is the content of a presentation from one of our global partners at the All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting on Sunday, July 28. He shared highlights from his ministry with a formerly Unreached Unengaged People Group ...

Along with my wife and our seven children, we work with an unreached people group in North Africa. Pastor Todd & Tamara Rasmuson stand with a church and a long line of leaders who have said that the glory of God and the knowledge of Christ in all nations and people groups matter. This church has made the global proclamation of the gospel a priority in our calling to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ—and has sent global workers out into the farthest places of the world to do just that. I stand on behalf of those global workers to say, “Thank you, Bethlehem.”

The overseas life and cross-cultural work of a global partner is a difficult one. Not only does this calling require leaving behind one’s family and friends as well as learning a completely new language and culture, but it also invites the kind of sickness, persecution, and troubles that can only be found at the ends of the earth. In the midst of these challenges, this church has always stood by us and “had our back.” You have prepared us and encouraged us with sound teaching to take up our cross and follow after Christ. You have prayed for us when we didn’t know what to pray. You have provided for our needs when the weight was too much to bear. You have held the rope well and sent us in a manner worthy of the gospel.

Because of your ongoing support, Bethlehem, the glory of the Lord is piercing some of the darkest places of the earth. Seven years ago, our team began working amongst a previously unengaged people group of North Africa. This people group numbers 400,000 across two North African countries, but didn’t have a church, any Bible resources in their language, or any church planters working with them. During this last term, the Lord gave our team the privilege of producing 60 recorded Bible stories (from Genesis to Revelation) in this people group's language. During this project, several of the participants from the workshop put their faith in Christ and were baptized. By God’s grace, there are now approximately 30 Christ-followers from this previously unengaged people group.

Thank you, Bethlehem. Thank you for being passionate about the glory of God. Thank you for caring about the nations. Thank you for loving us as the workers you send out to share the good news of Christ with those who do not know him. As we continue to press forward in our goal to reach 25 previously unengaged people groups by 2025, keep praying for God to do what only he can do. Keep preaching sound doctrine. Keep encouraging those who have gone for the sake of his Name. Keep giving radically to see this work accomplished.