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April 24, 2018

Gather for the Gospel Shaped Family Conference

Gil McConnell

Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, North

What’s shaping your family?

The world we live in hurls a constant storm of rebel influences at us from every direction. Our family units can feel like tiny space cruisers floating through a giant meteor shower—getting banged up and shaped in ways we never intended.

But Jesus is Master over the meteors. He came to calm the rebel storm. Not just the storm outside of us, but the storm within us. He dealt a death blow to our sin storm when he died. He forged a new way and offered us new life when he rose again. This is the gospel. And it is good news, friends! It’s worth pondering for six hours on a Saturday in May for the sake of its shaping influence in our families.

Along with Pastors Bud Burk and Aaron Davitch, conference planner Josh Mulvihill (from Renewanation), and a host of other local churches and Christian organizations, I am eager to invite you to attend the Gospel-Shaped Family Conference coming to Bethlehem's North Campus on Saturday, May 19 (9am–3pm).

This event is designed to help parents, grandparents, and Family Ministry workers see how the gospel of Jesus can shape their families and ministries. The three main keynote addresses will cover “Compassionate Gospel Parenting” (Marty Machowski), “How the Gospel Helps Solve Our Marriage Struggles” (Larry McCall), and “Building a Gospel Legacy” (Cavin Harper). Attendees will also choose from 14 breakout options. You can register at, with an early bird rate available through May 1.

This is a regional conference with many voices, and some may speak in ways that differ from the team at Bethlehem. At times God uses fresh voices to encourage us, stir us up, and challenge us in ways that familiar voices don’t.

Please pray with me that God would use this conference to bring the shaping power of the gospel into our families in miraculous ways. I hope you can join us!