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December 4, 2018

Financial Update #1: Month 25 of 25

Jon Grano

Lead Pastor for Operations

In the introduction of his December 2 sermon, “The End of the Road,” Pastor Jason Meyer “connected the dots” of what God is doing at Bethlehem through Global Focus, the South Campus building dedication, Thanksgiving, and Advent. And he highlighted Bethlehem’s vision to accelerate our next decade of spreading:

We’ve been part of a 10-year vision called “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25”—the next decade of spreading at Bethlehem. Through this initiative, we are praying that God would, by his grace, enable us by the year 2025 to engage 25 unengaged people groups and plant 25 new churches—and to do that the Lord would have to strengthen the core of who we are. The special part of the 10-year 25 x ’25 vision was the first 25 months, and we are in Month 25 right now, as of December. The prayer focus to get this 25-month giving initiative off the ground was seeking the Lord to establish a third light post, in Lakeville, as a sending base for this spreading.

As December 2018 is now underway—month 25 of this 25-month initiative—join us in praying that by his grace God would grant us a strong finish as we conclude the acceleration phase of “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25.” Although our South Campus family now has a 24/7 facility that was dedicated just before Thanksgiving, we still have much to do to cover ministry expenses for 2018 and provide a solid foundation for entering 2019 with expenses met and our debt reduced. Please prayerfully consider giving generously to support the many ministries funded by and through Bethlehem as we conclude Month 25.

Current Financial Data

To help inform your prayers, contributions to Bethlehem’s 2018 “Fill These Cities: 25 x ’25” One Fund through December 2, 2018, are summarized below …

  • 2018 YTD contributions: $8,816,332
    • 2018 contributions are 6 percent below 2017 year-to-date contributions of $9,366,465, and 11 percent below our 2018 “Fill These Cities” 25 x ’25” year-to-date budget target
  • 2018 One Fund budget target is $11,250,000

Contribution Details

Use the Bethlehem Online Giving page to set up one-time or recurring giving via e-check or credit card. You can also view your giving history, recurring giving schedule, and Contribution Statement.

If you have questions about contribution options, contact our Financial Secretary, Steve Walmsley (612-338-7653 x463).

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