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February 22, 2022

February 2022 Church Planter: James & Betsy Lecheler

Chelsey Schmitter

Administrative Assistant for Church Planting

Our Church Planter of the Month for February is James & Betsy Lecheler and their four children: Theodore, Nancy, Brexton, Phoebe. James is a pastor at Center City Church in San Diego. The church was planted out of Bethlehem in 2021.

Join us in prayer for Center City Church ...

  • That we would be a prayerful and grateful people.
  • That our church would deeply delight in Jesus in 2022.
  • That the men and women in our church would build many relationships with people who don't yet know Jesus, share Jesus with them, and see people come to trust in Jesus.
  • That our leaders would faithfully keep close watch over ourselves and the entire church.

Feel free to email James a note of encouragement!