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January 14, 2020

Ethnic Harmony 2020 North Campus Seminar

Andy Naselli

Elder; Faculty, Bethlehem College & Seminary

Ethnic harmony is a controversial issue in our culture, and the Bible says a lot about it.
In the Ethnic Harmony Seminar at the North Campus on Saturday, January 18, 9am–Noon, I plan to focus on understanding and applying what the Bible says about ethnicity by unpacking eight propositions:
  1. God created every human in his image.

  2. Humans in the Bible’s storyline are multiethnic.

  3. God’s global plan to save sinners includes people from every ethnic group.

  4. God approves of interethnic marriage.

  5. God’s people must love their neighbors across ethnic lines.

  6. The church—both Jewish and Gentile Christians—must maintain the unity (including ethnic harmony) that Christ powerfully created.

  7. The church should pursue ethnic diversity.

  8. The church should love justice, which entails treating all ethnicities justly and encouraging its members to pursue justice in society.

We plan to end with Q&A, for which two brothers plan to join me: Steven Lee and Lewis Guest IV.

Hope to see you there!