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June 11, 2019

Do Good Works: The Fight Against Human Trafficking, Part 2

Dave Zuleger

Lead Pastor, South

More from Robin Sutphen on the topic of combatting sex-trafficking (see Part 1 in this two-part blog series) ...

The trafficking industry is a global business, bringing in $99B in sex-trafficking alone. The last decade saw more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking, present in all 50 states, with the victims’ average age being 11–14. Trafficking Justice describes how the slavery starts:

Victims may be recruited at shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, or other places where teenagers frequent. ...However, street prostitution still exists, and truck stops are also commonly used, especially if  there is a hotel and restaurant in the same area.

So, as you turn off I-35 toward the South Campus, notice the trifecta—a truck stop, McDonald’s and a Motel 6—all within a few hundred yards from where we worship! In the quiet suburb of Lakeville, in God’s sovereignty, he placed Bethlehem Baptist Church right next to a truly dark place.

Our Hope in Darkness

Where do we turn? We turn to God, who is alive and active, sovereign and merciful, powerful and good. In our best efforts, all we have is the hope of behavior modification. In God, we have the promise that he can transform hearts and ultimately provide the salvation of souls.

Taking Steps Forward

If these posts have stirred something in you, please consider devoting yourself to this good work, for it is “excellent and profitable” for you (Titus 3:8).

At the South Campus, we are praying that the Holy Spirit to lead us in four ways:

  • First, that he would lead in our congregation to open the eyes of our hearts to what is happening.
  • Second, that he would lead us individually toward brokenness/repentance over sin and love for our neighbor.
  • Third, that he would lead us to get involved in tangible ways.
  • Finally, that he would lead specific people toward good works for those who are affected by the trafficking industry.

What good work is God leading you toward? Feel free to join us at these upcoming events:

Our growing team looks forward to meeting all who are sensing God’s call to join this ministry. Please feel free to be in touch! (Robin Sutphen)

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South Campus

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