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November 3, 2017

Discerning Truth From Error: A Seminar for Women

Pam Larson

Minister for Women, North Campus

All women are encouraged to attend this seminar. Our guest speaker, Janet Aucoin, will help us understand what discernment is; how it differs from a critical, self-righteous spirit; and why it is important. As women and as followers of Jesus, we must be discerning in many areas as we evaluate the truth claims we hear, determine how to give guidance, and decide how to prioritize and help others to prioritize.

Discerning Truth From Error: A Seminar for Women
Thursday, Nov 9, 7–9pm
Location: Downtown Campus

John MacArthur defines discernment as the ability to distinguish truth from error, or more accurately, to distinguish truth from half-truths. We need that ability. If we aren’t going to be gullible and easily swayed, we have to know how to discern truth from error, true teaching from false teaching, or how to discern between a slight, unintentional twist in wording and intentional rejection of gospel truth.

Come learn to apply gospel truths to be able to see, practically, how to evaluate various teachings with a gospel lens. Take home the principles that will help you continue to grow in discernment so you are better able to guide those who are looking to you.

For more information, contact Beth Nordquist (612-455-0800 x806).

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