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January 9, 2018

Current Womanhood Debates: Are We to Be Doorbusters?

Pam Larson

Minister for Women, North Campus

Abigail Dodds teaches women’s Bible studies at the North Campus (most recently Reformation Doctrine) and serves on the North Women’s Ministry Team. This past week, Tim Challies highlighted an article written by Abigail. We are so grateful to the Lord for Abigail’s insights and writing gifts that she uses to not only bless the women of Bethlehem, but our sisters throughout the world.

If there is one article this week that I think is especially worthy of a few minutes of your time, it would be Abigail Dodds who wrote On Being a Christian Woman in the Year of Our Lord, 2018. She describes a theme she has picked up on over the past few years: “I’ve tried to put my finger on what seems to be afoot, particularly with conservative Christian women––for whom the sound of the rumbling is different than its liberal counterparts, yet seems to be aimed in the same basic direction. It seems the culprit is a general sense that women have been underutilized and pigeon-holed in Christ’s body and the internet is the main means by which this problem has found its voice.” She commends this, yet also points out what may be a significant flaw or concern. “We must teach the women to act like Christian women, not door busters. We must teach them that the Christian life is not one of getting our way or forcing our plans or barging in––it’s one of dying daily, humble waiting, prayerful dependence, and unseen service where our right hand is ignorant of our left. That breaking the doors down would be the path toward anything but misery seems obvious enough––which doors are enough, when does it end? Once we’ve broken them down, it’s impossible to open them rightly.” It is well worth reading and reflecting on it.

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