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March 11, 2019

Could Minnesota Become Fatally Flawed?

Ming-Jinn Tong

Pastor for Neighborhood Outreach, Downtown Campus

Delsie Baxter has led the Sanctity of Life Ministry for many years. Shes passionately driven by God's love for the vulnerable and is a mighty ally for our church. Please consider this invitation from Delsie ...

Proponents of legalizing physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia within Minnesota have been hard at work, continually evaluating the political landscape to determine the appropriate time to bring a bill before state legislators that would accomplish their goal. It appears that Thursday, March 7, was the time (see the text of the bill).

The most dangerous aspect of this issue is that their arguments sound compassionate and compelling. Their messaging is filled with words like “right to die” and “death with dignity.” Even their proposed bill entitled “End of Life Options Act” contains the not-so-subtle promise of “choice.” Sound familiar? Yes, the PAS rationale is consistent with the pro-abortion messages we have heard for more than 45 years—rights and choice.

But at what point does a “right” become an expectation—or even a duty?

These are some of the key questions examined by Kevin Dunn in the film Fatal Flaws, which will be shown at Bethlehem’s Downtown Campus on Friday, March 15, promptly at 7pm. This film takes us to parts of the world where PAS has been legal the longest and examines the truth about how society changes as a result of legalizing “prescribed death.”

After the screening, we’ll “come back home” in the form of a panel discussion to examine the issue from both a professional and a biblical perspective. Our church family is richly blessed with qualified individuals who understand the implications for our society on both a practical as well as a spiritual level. John Mielke, a geriatric physician, will share his everyday workplace reality on this topic. Jim Ballentine will offer legal expertise, and John Knight will share his concerns for the disabled from the heart of a father. Finally, John Helmberger, president of Minnesota Family Council, will help us understand what we can do to work against this potential tragedy in our backyard. A time of Q&A will conclude the evening.

Please come join us. Learn and be equipped to enter the discussion. (Popcorn will be served!)

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