Bethlehem Blogs

November 2, 2017

An Evening With DART and Darby Strickland

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Bethlehem’s elders and our Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) are eager to learn from counselor Darby Strickland and to invite everyone to a training session on Friday, November 10, 7–9pm, at the Downtown Campus. The event is entitled: “Identifying, Understanding & Responding to Abuse/Oppression in the Family.”

Darby Strickland teaches a CCEF class on Counseling Abusive Marriages. I love her God-centered approach to addressing abusive marriages. She says that the goal of such counseling is “redeeming worshipers from oppression.” She says that when God’s people were oppressed in Egypt, God’s word was “Let my people go so they may worship me.” In abusive marriages, one is an oppressor who is “enslaved to the desire to be served, instead of serving the Lord.” The other person is the “oppressed who is trying to serve and follow the rules of the oppressor.” She believes that both spouses need to be set free so they can worship the Lord.

Darby Strickland has more than 17 years of counseling experience. In particular, she has a wealth of experience and case wisdom in how to effectively intervene in difficult marriage situations. You can read more about her on the CCEF website.

We are praying for a fresh grace for this crucial ministry focus for our church. Would you join us in praying and learning together? Please consider this a personal invitation to attend what I believe will be a very formative time of training for our church!

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