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May 3, 2017

All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting (April 30, 2017)

Highlights From the April 30, 2017, Quarterly Strategy Meeting include …

  • Devotional from Pastor Jason Meyer
  • Membership Report
  • Church Discipline Matters
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Approval of Steven Lee as Lead Pastor, North Campus
  • Approval of Bryan Pickering as Minister for Care and Counseling, Downtown Campus
  • Approval Daniel Viezbicke as Minister for Youth & Family Discipleship, South Campus

Pastor Jason presented a devotional on what true repentance looks like in Scripture, focusing on Luke 3:7, 19:5; 1 Corinthians 6:9; and Ephesians 4:28. He pointed out that true repentance is a miracle that God works in the soul of a person that moves the person from a life pattern of disobedience to a life that embraces Christ in joyful obedience. He presented Ephesians 4:28 as a snapshot of what true repentance looks like: The thief is moved by God’s grace from a life of thievery to a life of joyful generosity toward others in need (like Zacchaeus).

Membership Report
At the end of the meeting, Bethlehem membership stands at 2,752 members.

Church Discipline Matters
The elders made members aware of a church discipline matter during the Executive Session in which all non-members were asked to leave the room.

Treasurer’s Report
Adam Sexton delivered the Treasurer’s Report for First Quarter finances in 2017. Giving was $2.55M, up $0.57M (29%) from 2016, and spending was $2.20M, down $0.21M (9%) from 2016. The mortgage is approximately at $3.04M. Adam noted that future giving in excess of budgeted spending will help reduce the actual loan amount needed for the South Campus building when construction is completed in mid-to-late 2018.

Approval of Pastoral Candidate Steven Lee 
The congregation affirmed Steven Lee as Lead Pastor, North Campus.

Approval of Ministerial Candidate Bryan Pickering 
The congregation affirmed Bryan Pickering as Minister for Care & Counseling Downtown Campus.

Approval Ministerial Candidate Daniel Viezbicke
The congregation affirmed Daniel Viezbicke as Minister for Youth & Family Discipleship, South Campus.

New Business
No new business was motioned. 

Thanks to Church Clerk Jacob Smith for his assistance in the preparation of this post.