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Barnabas Teams

Holding the ropes for our global partners!

Bethlehem is a church that loves the glory of God and loves to spread the fame of his name. Because of this, we are committed to sending our global partners in a manner worthy of God, for they go out “for the sake of [his] name” (3 John 1:6–8).

Sending these global partners well means seriously and substantially supporting them—not only financially, but emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Serving on a Barnabas Team is one way that members of Bethlehem can fulfill their calling to be passionate senders.

What is a Barnabas Team?

A Barnabas Team is a group of 6–12 committed people who come together to care for a specific global partner in a variety of ways, striving to help meet practical needs. The global partner can be open and honest with this group, allowing them to see his/her needs and share in successes and defeats.

What does a Barnabas Team do?

A Barnabas Team works together with the Global Outreach Department to care for a global partner/family. The specific ways in which a Barnabas Team meets their needs will vary depending on the personality and needs of the global partner, as well as the personality (creativity and gifting) of the team.

Several times a year, the Global Outreach department will host enrichment seminars and workshops to help provide vision, training, and encouragement to sustain the vibrancy of each team.

How can I get involved?

Prayerfully consider joining an active team for a global partner who is already sent out. Or, connect with an aspiring global partner in the Nurture Program about being a part of their team.

A number of current global partners need additional members to serve on their teams. To learn more, contact the Global Outreach Department at 612-338-7653 x432 or .