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Reflecting on 150 Years

Throughout 2021, Bethlehem Baptist Church is celebrating our 150th anniversary year. Join us in praising the Lord for grace to us in the past, even as we trust him for his grace in the years to come!

Below, see highlights on Global Outreach, College Ministries, Local Ministries, Launched Ministries, and Church Planting.

Anniversary Event

On November 21, 2021, Bethlehem gathered with the Downtown, North, and South Campus congregations at Grace Eden Prairie to mark the anniversary together and praise God for his faithfulness. View a video recording of the service below. (See the Order of Worship PDF.)

A Celebration of 150 Years of God's Grace at Bethlehem Baptist Church (November 21, 2021) from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

He is Faithful

Hear Bethlehem members and leaders reflect on God’s faithfulness to the church in this overview video prepared for the November 21, 2021, anniversary event. 

“He Is Faithful” - 150 Years of God’s Grace at Bethlehem from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Global Outreach

Over Bethlehem’s 150-year history, God has moved in the hearts of Bethlehem members to be both goers and senders for international missions. Nearly 240 singles, couples, and families have gone out from Bethlehem as global partners since 1890, and countless others have served as rope-holders. Pray earnestly that God will continue to send more workers from Bethlehem to the nations until Jesus’ Name is spread to every corner of the earth and he returns!

“Global Outreach” — 150 Years of God's Grace at Bethlehem from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

College Ministries

As we reflect on God’s grace at Bethlehem through college ministries, we highlight how this grace is seen today in the ongoing work of Bethlehem College & Seminary, our church-based school that grew from efforts to disciple and develop leaders, and Campus Outreach, an evangelism and discipleship ministry at local college campuses. 

“College Ministries — 150 Years of God’s Grace at Bethlehem from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Local Ministries

For 150 years, God has given Bethlehem a heart for our neighbors and for the nations, and a passion to share the Good News of Jesus both near and far. Today that heart for our neighbors is expressed in unique efforts at each campus, as the people of Bethlehem serve individually, minister through Bethlehem organizations like CityJoy and Jericho Road, and partner with other groups serving for the common good.

“Local Ministries – Celebrating 150 Years” from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Launched Ministries

The Hebrew meaning of the name Bethlehem is “house of bread.” The church has not only served to provide members with gospel nourishment for 150 years, but it has also served as a seedbed for launched ministries that bring that good news to others in various forms. Desiring God and Training Leaders International are two of Bethlehem’s better-known launched ministries—both birthed and grown within Bethlehem in recent decades and then launched out as separate ministry organizations. Other Bethlehem ministries have focused on training for those unemployed and under-employed, adoption and orphan care assistance, and education for children and youth. May God continue to birth many new ministries in the coming years!

“Launched Ministries” - Bethlehem’s 150th Anniversary from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Church Planting

From Bethlehem’s beginning, God has moved in the hearts of her people to devote themselves to planting biblically rooted, gospel-centered churches that are equipped to reach their respective communities. 

In 1871, the elder board of First Baptist Church in Minneapolis (later renamed River City Church) granted the request of 22 Swedish members to plant a church. This new church, First Swedish Baptist Church, aimed to be a welcoming gospel presence for newly arriving Swedish immigrants. Later, First Swedish Baptist changed its name to Bethlehem Baptist Church.

God birthed Bethlehem through church planting and, by his grace, Bethlehem continues to be engaged in the ongoing work of church planting near and far. Read about our church planting history.

“Bethlehem 150th Anniversary – Church Planting” from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Highlights from March 2021: