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Sr High

Sunday School

Classes for Sr High students are available during the 11am Sunday services during the school year. We encourage families to worship together in a service and then attend Sunday School. (Adult classes are also offered.)


Youth gatherings help Sr High students to fellowship during the week. During the summer, midweek gatherings are held at various outdoor locations.

Disability & Special Needs Ministry

We encourage the inclusion of young people with disabilities and special needs by providing one-on-one mentors in Sunday School classrooms. 


Youth are encouraged to minister locally through Neighborhood Outreach activities and globally through short-term ministry trips.


Serve in Sr High Ministry

For opportunities to serve in ministries for Sr High, contact Pearl Gaspar (612-338-7653 x497).


Andrew Ballard (612-338-7653 x498)
Interim Coordinator for Youth

Allison Steddom (612-338-7653)
Ministerial Coordinator for Youth & Family Discipleship

Pearl Gaspar (612-338-7653 x497)
Administrative Assistant for Youth & Family Discipleship