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South Biblical Counseling

Living in a fallen and broken world is not easy. In fact, we’ve all felt the pain and difficulties of this life. But thankfully, we’re not alone. We have help and hope because of Jesus and what he accomplished for us.

When one experiences more intense brokenness in sin and or in suffering, focused care is needed in the form of counseling. Our holistic biblical counseling ministry uses the Bible to inform our content and practice of this kind of care. 

Trained staff/lay members of the South Campus are ready to walk with you and point you to Jesus in accordance with the Bethlehem Baptist Church Counseling documents. Read the “General Plan for Care at the South Campus.”

See Bethlehem’s “Guiding Philosophy for Counseling.”

What struggles are commonly addressed in counseling?
We provide biblical counseling for a range of struggles including marital difficulties, depression, anxiety, broken relationships, anger, sexual struggles, guilt, shame, parenting difficulties, etc. If for some reason we don’t have experience in your area of struggle, we will be happy to connect you with a trusted area counselor while also considering ways the  church can support and care for you.

Who can receive counseling at the South Campus?
Members of Bethlehem who regularly worship at the South Campus can receive counseling South. If capacity permits, at times we are able to provide counseling for regular attendees. To request counseling, please email .


If you’re interested in receiving training to become a lay counselor, or if you have a desire to serve alongside our counseling team, contact Stacy Thorpe (below).


  Stacy Thorpe (612-746-2650 x653)
Ministerial Coordinator for Care & Counseling, South