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Serve as a Global Partner

What is a global partner?

A global partner is someone who has been sent and supported by a local church for the sake of preaching the gospel and making disciples among the nations in a long-term capacity.

What is the process for becoming a Bethlehem Global Partner?

In order to be sent as a global partner, an applicant must be a member of Bethlehem, complete the Nurture Program, and be approved by a campus-specific Global Outreach Team.

Nurture Program Overview

We believe that there are three key dimensions in which the future global partner needs to develop within the context of the local church. These dimensions are knowledge, character, and skills. As members work their way through the Nurture Program, each level of the program will seek to address these aspects of global partner growth by means of various seminars, courses, books, and other resources.

There are three levels to the Nurture Program. To progress through all of them and become a global partner takes approximately two years.

  • The goal of Level 1 is to ensure you are relationally connected and engaged in the life of discipleship at Bethlehem.
  • The goal of Level 2 is to further equip you with knowledge, character, and skills for cross-cultural service.
  • The goal of Level 3 is to connect you with a solid missions agency and the necessary support mechanisms for a life of cross-cultural ministry. 

For more information about the Nurture Program or for an application, contact us