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Sanctity of Life South

God is sovereign over the womb. That has been Bethlehem’s message since the church began actively advocating for the preborn in the 1980s. The ministry ... 

  • Educates and mobilizes Bethlehem to defend the rights of the preborn and other vulnerable people (see information on monthly meetings)
  • Participates in the annual “March for Life” at the State Capitol each January 22
  • Organizes BethlehemPeaceful Presence” at Whole Womans abortion clinic in April and October
  • Supports New Life Family Services (Downtown and North campuses) and Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center (South Campus)

Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center

In 2014, abortion took the lives of 689 babies in Dakota County. Amnion’s mission is to minister compassionate truth to abortion-determined women and men and to share the glorious gospel message. More than 45% of the abortion-determined women who have come to Amnion have changed their minds and have chosen life for their babies.

Abstinence Speakers
Men and women can volunteer to share Amnion’s “I’m Worth Waiting For!” classroom presentations at Jr/Sr High schools. Amnion trains, mentors, and sends their speakers into schools. They request a two-year commitment for this role.

Office Volunteers
In weekly four-hour shifts, volunteers help in the office with projects like fundraising, computer data entry, abstinence packet mailings, and other mailings.

Fundraising Events

  • Volunteers coordinate the “Baby Bottles for Life” event at the South Campus and work with adults to hand out baby bottles after church service on Sanctity of Life Sunday.
  • In June, a Walk for Life Church Captain can build walk teams from the South Campus.
  • In October, volunteers assist with gathering items for the auction.

Contact: Michele Hartshorn