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We welcome children ages birth–3 years during worship services and various special events. A team of caregivers leads children in age-appropriate playtime, prays for each child, and shares God-centered stories, songs, and memory verses.

Register for Nursery & Check-In

If you plan to use the nurseries regularly, register your child(ren) with Family Registration.

  • Each time you use the nursery, visit a Check-In Kiosk to check in and print nametags for your child(ren).
  • Nursery rooms are located in Hallway B of the North Campus (see map).
  • The Nursing Moms Room is located at the back of the Sanctuary. Please ask at a nursery counter or contact Carmen Tomaszewski (612-455-0800 x807).

Announce Your Childs Birth or Adoption

We are delighted to welcome the newest member of your family to our church community!

If Bethlehem is your church home and youd like to have your child’s birth or adoption announced in the weekly Pastor's email and at weekend worship services, contact Carmen Tomaszewski, Nursery Coordinator, by Thursday at 5pm. 

Please include the following details in your voicemail or e-mail for Carmen Tomaszewski (612-455-0800 x807):

  • Child’s full name & spelling(s) of each name (pronunciation/phonetic spelling if needed)
  • Date of birth (also include adoption date if applicable)
  • Dad’s & Mom’s names
  • Date of the weekend you want the announcement made
  • Your primary phone number

Dedicate Your Child

Parents dedicating at Bethlehem for the first time must attend the Parenting the Early Years seminar in preparation for dedicating their child. These seminars are offered three times a year. After the seminar, a pastor or elder will schedule a home visit to meet with the parents and child. For more information or to register for the next parenting seminar or Dedication,  contact .

Ministry Opportunities

Loving, nurturing caregivers strive to lay a solid spiritual foundation under the lives of the littlest ones at Bethlehem through intentional prayer, Bible lessons, and biblical truths. Opportunities to serve abound on weekends, various weekdays for MOMS, Bible studies, and special events.

Nursery ministry is flexible—choose to serve once a month, twice a month, weekly, and/or occasionally for special events.



North Campus  Aaron Rothermel (612-455-0800 x809) 
Pastor for Children & Families

North Campus  Carmen Tomaszewski (612-455-0800 x807) 
Lead Coordinator for Nurseries & Reception

North Campus  Diane Soderholm (612-455-0800 x840)
Administrative Assistant for Children & Families