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Sunday School North

Children & YOUTH Adults


To locate classrooms, see an interior map of the North Campus.

Children & YOUTH

Age-specific classes for children & youth are offered during the 2022-23 school year September 11–May 14, with holiday breaks on November 27, December 25, January 1, and April 9. 

Family Registration & Check-In
Parents, please register your child(ren) for activities in Nursery–Grade 12. When you arrive, come to a Check-In Kiosk to print a name tag for each student.

Rooms B301, B303, B305, B307
Nursery care for children (birth–age 3) is offered during worship services. Contact: Carmen Tomaszewski

Preschool–Grade 5 Classes
9–10:20am, various rooms in Hallway A & B
Classrooms open at 8:45am.
11am–12:20pm, various rooms in Hallway A & B
Classrooms open at 10:45am.

We seek to point the next generation to find their joy in Jesus, to be students of God’s word, and to connect in the local church. A team of classroom leaders guide children through teaching and activities. Parents of students in Grade 3 and younger, please escort children to their classrooms and promptly pick them up after class. Contact: Diane Soderholm

Grades 6–12 Classes
11am–12:20pm, 6-8th Grade, C402-404; 9-12th Grade, Gym
Middle & High School students gather for teaching, fellowship in small groups, prayer, and growing in faith in Christ. Contact: Zach Coll 


Sundays, Sept 11–May 14
No classes held Nov 27, Dec 25, Jan 1, and April 9


Abundant Grace
9–10:30am, Rooms C402/C404 (meets year-round)
This adult class meets year round to build relationships through expository teaching of the Word with discussion and practical application in today’s world. Our class also unites around the celebration of fellowship through hymns, prayer, and support of missions. Contact: Mike McCowen

Young Marrieds
9:15–10:30am, Room D504
Join young married couples each week as we explore God’s design for marriage. It is a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with other people who are in the same season of life. Contact: Keith Steichen

College Connection
10:15–11am, Gym (Room D505)
Connect with college-age students over brunch to discuss various topics together. Contact: Lucas Cecka


Getting Acquainted With Bethlehem
11am–12:15pm, Room A200
New to Bethlehem? Come get to know our pastors and ministry leaders and learn about our church. Those who attend all seven (non-sequential) classes fulfill the curriculum requirement for becoming a covenant member. Begin any time! Contact: Lulu Robinson

Joint Heirs
11am–12:15pm, Room D502
Joint Heirs is a multi-generational gathering that includes fellowship, prayer, and teaching. Open to adults of all ages. Contact: Steve Stein

Parenting Through the Years 
11am–12:15pm, Room D500
As Christian parents, our aim is to faithfully embrace the gospel and impart this message for the sake of our children. Come to this class at any point in the year to be encouraged and equipped for the role of parenting. Contact: Mark Dieter

Prayer Lab - Learning to Pray for Healing
11am-12:15pm, Room D504
Jesus was known for his healing ministry, and so was the early church. Join us as we hear stories of the Holy Spirit's ongoing healing work today and discover the biblical and theological basis for this ministry. This discussion-oriented course on prayer will include "learning by doing," as we explore how God uses both natural and supernatural means to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to individuals and communities. We will also consider why God sometimes chooses not to heal and what to do when that happens. While some topics have been addressed before, this is not a repeat of past Prayer Labs. No prerequisites, no homework, non-sequential. Come as often as you can! Contact: David Fuller