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North Biblical Counseling

Living in a fallen and broken world is not easy. In fact, we’ve all felt the pain and difficulties of this life. But thankfully, we’re not alone. We have help and hope because of Jesus and what he accomplished for us.

At Bethlehem’s North Campus, we have lay counselors who are equipped and ready to address life’s challenges by walking with you, opening up the Scripture, and pointing you to Jesus.

We provide biblical counseling for a range of struggles including marital difficulties, depression, anxiety, broken relationships, purity, guilt, and shame.

If for some reason we don’t have experience in your area of struggle, we will be happy to connect you with a trusted area counselor while also considering ways the church can support and care for you.

Receiving Counseling at the North Campus
Right now, we’re only able to offer biblical counseling for members and regular attendees at Bethlehem’s North Campus. We understand a regular attendee to be someone who has consistently participated in the worship services and life of the church for at least three months.

Note: Due to the demand, there may be a wait list ranging from 2–6 weeks before counseling begins. 

Counseling Sessions & Duration
Counseling is available during daytime hours, Monday through Thursday, as well as during the evenings on Monday and Wednesday. Sessions generally meet weekly and last 60–90 minutes. The duration of counseling typically lasts 3–6 months but can be shorter or longer as needed.

If you’d like to request counseling, please take a minute to read through our Counseling FAQ and then complete our Counseling Request Form.  Your information will be handled confidentially and you will receive a personal response within 2-3 business days.


If you’re interested in receiving training to become a lay counselor, or if you have a desire to serve alongside our counseling team, please contact Pastor Brian (below).


The teaching sessions and notes from the Counseling One Another seminars (2019–2021) are available for purchase. See an overview of the seminar topics.


  Brian Liechty
Pastor for Counseling, North

  Lulu Robinson
Administrative Assistant